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Interesting Series on eDiscovery Collections

I spent some time reading through this series of posts on the Xact Data blog last night. While we would always take any post from a vendor about the dangerous of any organization collecting data instead of hiring an expert, for obvious reasons, (Including the one I work for) I do think they’ve provided plenty of solid information on the topic.

Because, at the end of the day, even if you decide to go the route of using your own resources to perform data collection, these are the things you want to consider and be mindful of, like making sure the person collecting understands the legal issues, or that it’s being done by someone with the proper training, not just a random IT person or user. They also do a nice job in the last two posts of letting us know what the courts are saying about collection, and the ramifications of getting it wrong.

Those are vital things to stay informed about. So I suggest taking a look.

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