Little Projects

I’ve been keeping busy with some little projects, things like adding the Friends in Tech logo to the top of the page, to officially “flag” myself as a member of that group as well as thinking about ways to leverage the group resources there to benefit the readers here and visa versa, or adding Google Analytics to the entire site, to get a bit more information on who’s visiting pages other than the blog, like the photo gallery and such.

I’ve also started using the FlickrMap to identify where the pictures I’ve loaded up to Flickr where taken, albeit some of them are more guesstimate than an exact location. I don’t know how useful that feature is, but I think it’s an interesting way to look at the pictures I’ve taken places compared to what others have taken. On the other hand, some places already have so many photos that they all seem lost in the shuffle.

Like I said, nothing major but I’m hoping these little changes help make it easier for me to bring interesting content to the site, and make the site more useful for all of us.

tags: FlickrMap, GoogleAnalytics, FriendsinTech

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