I knew this would happen

I knew someday that having the one person who works at the company that donates their internet connection to us and understood how it was setup, leave was going to cause problems. Turns out the reason we couldn’t connect to the email server is that they changed the internal IP address of the mail server to a subnet that we couldn’t reach, because they didn’t bother to include our subnet when configuring their routers. Turns out we’re running on a subnet that they thought didn’t exist anymore, but it does, it’s our subnet, as part of their network! So not only did they neglect to give me the new address of the email server, which we need since we don’t have an internal DNS server on our network, but even when I had the new address, their network addressing and routing scheme made it impossible for me to reach it anyway!

Finally around 3PM, they called me, and a few tracert’s later, we had things routed properly, including adding a temporary routing that will get it working immediately at the old server address while we update all the clients to use the new address.

At least, once I knew the problem was on their end, and opened a support ticket, I was able to go do that new employee training that needed to be done. Well, at least the part that I can do right now, some of it will have to wait until the other people leave at the end of this week, and I have a PC I can setup for her to use! My normally-extra PC is currently being used by the intern they have upstairs this summer. I think I need an intern!

Fun, fun, fun…

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