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Finally a day without fires to put out, maybe I can get caught up on the tech happenings around the ‘net this week:

Windows 2000 SP3 is available. As Josh says in his pointer to it, there’s not much info on exactly what it does, so I’ll be following my normal “wait and let someone else be the guinea pig” philosophy on installing it. Of course we aren’t running 2000 at work anyway so the only place I need to worry about it is on my laptop. So it’s hardly vital to me.

Dwight, aka Geek has managed to get posts from the weekend up all at once while he awaits the installation of cable internet access at his new place. Like I’m not having a hard enough time keeping up, he’s got to go and dump a truckload of back posts in at once! Sheesh! Seriously, I’m glad he’s been able to keep “connected” to his blog while waiting for the mental giant that is the cable company. 🙂

Speaking of keeping connected, Jevon, who had to take all of Blogtrack with him in the process of switching servers, seems to be close to being back. His blog address now redirects to, which simply has a logo and no entries yet, but I’m guessing we’ll all be changing our links in the near future. Blogtrack also has a notice that it is on the new server and should be operational again shortly. Good news!

I also got word that my friend Jen and her new baby Amelia were featured in the local newspaper (registration required unfortunately!). Amelia was the first baby born in the brand new Stork’s Nest Birthing Center. How cool is it going to be to grow up and always have a newspaper article about your birth available to look at?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to those telephone company T1 service contracts that I was researching last week. (Yeah, so exciting!)

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