Tech-free weekend

Yes it’s true, I hardly touched my computers all weekend long. The only time I spent online really was Saturday night, getting the latest inury updates before the fantasy footballl draft yesterday and then last night, checking the meager job listings in various places that we want to live in. After last week I wanted to spend an entire weekend not thinking about worms, patches, upgrades, any of it.

Of course, during the course of the draft I had to explain how to get rid of Blaster to one of my co-players, how to setup a home wireless LAN to a couple of other people, what WEP is, and why having a router with a built-in firewall was the best option for a home LAN, especially a router that used NAT. (and then, I had to explain what NAT is to someone who overheard that conversation and thought we were discussing bugs.) I think I managed to draft some players in there somewhere, but I’ll have to check my sheets… 🙂

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