Gee that was nice..

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Last week, at some point, a co-worker got one of those forwarded twenty times, chain-letter, emails. Naturally the person who sent this email to everyone they now, didn’t use the BCC function in their email, they just had dozens and dozens of To: addresses listed on it. Not exactly a nice thing to do, granted.

Today, one of those people on the list sent that person a nasty-gram complaining about their inability to use the BCC function of their email and thus not exposing his email address to dozens of people he doesn’t know. OK, whatever, that’s your choice. On the other hand, when said employee comes to me wanting to know what she did wrong and you are left to assume that he sent this little nasty-gram not only to the original sender but BCC’d everyone else who got the original, well that might have crossed a line. Afterall, you have a whole group of people getting an email today that wasn’t even addressed to them, but that simply calls them stupid for exposing this guys email address to people he doesn’t know, with no explanation as to why he might actually have BCC’d them on it!

Let’s review, you have one person who’s inability to use BCC exposes their friends email addresses to a whole group of people, and on the other side you have someone who uses the BCC function, but who’s inability to use it properly has lead to a group of people who have no idea who he is thinking that he’s calling them stupid. Which is more inconsiderate?

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