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I originally applied for membership in the Hive back in June, just out of curiousity. I got an email sying that I didn’t qualify, which I didn’t really understand, but since they were looking mostly for folks who ran community-type sites I figured that even though I thought this site qualified, didn’t mean that everyone would agree. So I just accepted it and moved on. Yesterday I got this email from them:

Hello Mr. McBride~
A periodic review of our records showed your were disapproved in June. This was an error and you do meet the qualifications for membership in the Hive. We’re VERY sorry for the delay.
Welcome to the Hive! We look forward to your input!

Umm, ok. So I went and logged on to the site, and low and behold, my profile says the account was created in June. So, apparently they approved the account, and then sent me an email telling me the opposite. Go figure.

Well, anyway, I’ll have to spend some time looking around over there and seeing what kind of value I get from it. We shall see…

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