Credit where credit is due

I chided Chris for it when I complained about his handwriting font, so now, after an email exchange with him, I’d have to give him credit for making his XML feed contain full items. Those of us who like reading blogs in an aggregator thank you!

In other news, Online Blog is pointing to a Reuters article that claims the Chinese are now blocking BlogSpot. I bet Evan is feeling proud right about now, I mean once you’ve gotten blocked by the Chinese, I think that’s a sign that you’ve really “made it!” *L*

I finally got caught up with some of my newsletters last night and while reading an older issue of Spyware Info about the demise of Ad-Aware, (They seem to have just stopped supporting it and issuing updates, which is not a good thing!) I decided to download SpyBot Search and Destroy and give it a try. It is amazingly powerful, but my first thoughts were that I need to tweak it some. It wants to report everything that could be considering tracking, including things like the Windows Recent Used Documents list. Yeah, technically, it’s tracking you, but it’s only good to someone else if they have direct access to your machine, and it probably does more good than harm. On the other hand, Spybot S&D does a really good job at explaining everything it finds so you’d be hard pressed to destroy something you actually wanted, provided you take the time to read the descriptions. 🙂

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