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I’m trying some new stuff with the stats, AGAIN! Since I didn’t like the stats that Ready Hosting used, I traded in, so to speak. I gave up that program in exchange for having the raw server logs dumped into my ftp directory. Then I downloaded copies of Analog and Report Magic to my PC. I just download the log files to my PC and run those two to get some decent reports locally. It’s all tweakable, which is cool. I just need to learn and tweak it to fit my needs, but it should give me the accurate numbers I’m looking for. It won’t however, give me referrers, because their are no referrers listed in the server logs! It does have search terms though, which is sort of bizarre. So the plan, for today, is to continue using StatcounteX the way I am, which will give me a good idea of referrers, and use the new setup to get the real, live, actual numbers. It won’t work forever, the more people using XP, the more I might miss some referrers. But I’ll have the right numbers! *L*

Man, I’m just never happy with reports, am I?

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