Another entry?

Dan wrote to tell me about another possible entry into the Freeware News Aggregator Comparison. It’s called Free Reader. Alas, the review will be slightly delayed because said program does not appear to have any options to tell it to connect using a firewall and proxy. So I’ll have to wait until I have some home time to try it out. That would be strike one against the program, by the way!

Also on that front, I noticed something odd about the way Newzcrawler shows the RSS feed from this site. The permalinks don’t work! If you click on the title of an entry to go to the site, it doesn’t take you here. However, if you click on an outside link, like the one above to the Newzcrawler site, it will take you there! I’m sure it’s just something in the RSS feed, as it only appears in certain blogs but other sites work fine. Perhaps when the permanent feed from BloggerPro is working, it’ll be different.

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