Here I come to save the day…

Or at least to save your PC from spyware! Yes, AdAware version 5.7 has just been released. (Thanks to Lockergnome Tech Specialist for the tip) If you’re new to the world of spyware, what AdAware will do is scan your PC for any files, cookies, programs, registry entries, etc. that companies are using to track you, and give you the option to clean it all up in one fell swoop. Of course then, the programs that had the spyware bundled in may not work anymore, so you’ve got to consider that, but IMHO, I’d rather not use any program that was tracking me or spying on me!

It looks as though the 50 XP tips e-book that I was telling you about has broadened into GnomeTomes, a collection of e-books that are $5 each and contain 50 tips of a specific subject. Interesting. (Thanks to Meryl for the pointer.)

A virtual walk through the Forum system today shows that they’re getting some use. There’s some interesting conversations starting about privacy, tech support, THC and others. Come share your opinions on these weighty matters, the more the merrier!

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