Anyone want some scrap metal?

We have a handful of old systems laying around at work, systems and monitors that don’t work, in actuality. According to the Ohio State EPA we are now to be considered a “Hazardous Waste Generator”, and must, by law, find a way to recycle the systems and monitors. Obviously, we don’t have the ability, in our little office building, to recycle the scrap metal of the machines, so my new duty is finding someone who will take this stuff off our hands. I’m on the prowl for a scrap metal dealer or some such place that will actually take the stuff without charging us for it, as opposed to the places who we’d have to pay to come take the stuff. (Wouldn’t the head honchos love that expense..”Oh I need you to reimburse me for this expense I incurred in trying to junk our old systems, because I had to pay someone to take them!” *L*)

So, I add yet another hat to my job description, “Junk and Scrap Metal Dealer”. I think I need an MP3 of the theme from Sanford & Son to play while I try to accomplish this task.

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