Random updates on previous posts:

The tape drive from Friday turned out to be fine. Had a little scare with static electricity when I went to unplug the drive and plug it back in, but aside from suddenly shutting down our only server with no notice late Friday afternoon, everything was back to normal. The backup went off without a hitch over the weekend.

On the documentation front, on top of the lists of daily, weekly, monthly and on-going duties, I’ve added another OneNote page to the section. One-time projects. There I can list the things that aren’t a normal part of my job, but that I’ve been charged with “looking into” this year. Included in that page would be things like this documentation project, a telephone conference call capability study, research into what to do with that behemoth satellite dish on the roof, etc.

RealPlayer got through the governor’s speech this afternoon, our Communications person was able to watch it and write up an article on it with no problems. Since she’s new here, she even felt the need to follow up and let know know it worked and that she appreciated my efforts. That was nice, but I’m sure her need to do that will wear off eventually. 🙂

Speaking of new people, one of the nice things about having 3 new people start last month has been the chance to do some real teaching and training. I find that being able to teach someone who is willing to listen to what I have to say and incorporate it into what they’re doing in terms of interacting with our database or other systems, is quite rewarding. Teaching people to use technology as a tool, and seeing it “click” for them in terms of seeing what the tools make possible, is maybe one of the best two seconds you have in this job.

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