Is it really Friday when you have to work Saturday?

Yeah it’s true, I do have to come in and run some more database stuff this weekend. Seems that Ohio redrew it’s legisative districts, and with an election coming up in November, those political people upstairs want me to run all of our database records through the district queries to catch the changes. Not a problem, but something that needs to be done when no one is in the database, and that does take some time to run.

In other news:

Found this item from Erik Noble’s blog. Apparently the Blogtoaster I told you about yesterday isn’t compatible with Trillian. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Andy left a comment to the effect that while the Email Obfuscator works, it’s relatively simple for spambot writers to work around. Yes that’s true, but it makes them work a little harder, which, I think, not many of them are willing to do, and because I use an address that only exists as a “click to email me” from the website, and not my main address, it’s easy for me to change it on a semi-regular basis. Any regular correspondence I have with people is done by my other address, so there’s no need to worry about having them change things. So it’s only a step in a more involved spam fighting plan, but it’s an important step because, like I said, it makes spammers work harder. Also, since a ton of spam harvesting is coming from email addresses collected at websites and then sold to spammers, it doesn’t hurt to have a spare hotmail or yahoo account, to use on those sites. ๐Ÿ™‚

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