What can you expect?

While I remain busy finishing up some work projects, I figured I’d drop a line and let you all know what to expect to see around here while I’m gone. First there’ll be Gnomedex reports, and pictures. I won’t be doing the real-time blogging that others will be doing, mostly because I can’t pay attention that well, but also because my laptop battery won’t last that long. *L* But you can expect wrap-ups of the days events in the evening sometime. Also, the top-secret site that Geek and Jim have been working on should be going live during the Gnomedex conference. The subscriber stuff will be available on a free preview basis for a few days to give you an idea of what stuff they’ll have available to subscribers. My own contribution to the site is a simple Access database that I designed to track PC’s, help desk issues, and software installations for my workplace. It’ll be available to subscribers to use, or tweak, as they see fit.

After Gnomedex, I’ll be off to Fargo/Moorhead to visit Jen, Nathan and baby Amelia. I promise you baby pictures from that stop of the trip!

Then it’ll be off to the mountains of Montana and Wyoming for what will, hopefully, be a great photographic expedition. (Internet connection during this leg of the trip is questionable, but should be available, barring any unfortunate circumstances.) Then, midweek of next week, I’ll begin winding down through Nebraska/Kansas City, etc. on my way back to Columbus to spend the Labor Day weekend with my wife. I do not expect to be doing much blogging that weekend, as I will be making up for lost time with the woman I love more than anything in the world!

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