You are now entering..the upgrade zone

Yesterday I finished off a memo to my boss about what I think we need to upgrade before the end of the year and where we stood on some other things. She signed off on the upgrades which means now we get to take the suggestions to the President and the other senior staff people. This is where the fun starts. Rather, this is where the whining starts. This is where the people who can barely turn on their own PC’s suddenly decide they know more about what we need than I do, or they decide that since that department is getting a new machine they certainly need one for their department, or they just want to take the opportunity to complain about our database or Office or something else without having any real idea of what they would replace it with. My initial guess is that getting approval for these upgrades is going to take at least a month, and 4 meetings with various people to discuss them. Maybe we should start a pool? *L*

For the record the upgrades I think we need:

Moving to Symantec’s Corporate Edition AV product.
Replacing the 2 PC’s that we didn’t replace in 2000 with new Dell’s, albeit scaled down versions as these are not heavy users.
Replacing the 3 laptops that are now 3 years old and are showing signs of wear with 2 new laptops and a desktop. (One of the jobs in questions has changed over the last 3 years and involves much less time out of the office.)

That’s it. There’s some bigger issues in the memo but all of them are clearly marked “For future discussion” because there just isn’t enough information available about where we’re headed to give a good guess as to what we might need 2 years from now. This should be pretty simple, but I know it won’t be. It never is…

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