Catching my eye this morning

In the most recent edition of Support Alert, a site to share large files with a friend, and a free Excel add-in:

Dropload is a free web service that allows you upload files to
their server that can then be picked up by someone else. The
intended recipient automatically receives an email from Dropload
telling them that the file is available along with download
instructions. Maximum file size is 100MB and all files are
deleted after seven days whether they are collected or not.

In Issue 113, I mentioned WordToys a program that provides a set
of enhanced functions for MS Word. Subscriber John Viney has
written in to let me know about the ASAP Utilities program that
provides a similar set of enhancements for Excel. I checked it
out and it’s quite impressive with over 300 individual functions
and tools. I particularly liked the one that allowed you to
automatically color alternating lines. It’s a presentation style
I use a lot and have always had to do manually. The good news is
that the ASAP utilities are free. Excel 97-2003, 1.8MB.

And yes, Support Alert is definitely one of those news letters that I highly recommend!

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