I knew it was going too well

See, I got that PC setup yesterday, and it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would, this particular PC didn’t have nearly as many “extras” to uninstall. The guy doesn’t start until Monday, I knew plenty in advance, enough so that I had time to order and setup the PC, and enough in advance that I could get our ISP to include his account when they were setting up Postini for us. Being that far ahead of the game has to be some sort of record for this place.

It was going amazingly well, right up to where I entered his email information in Outlook. Then, it wasn’t going so well. So now I’m doing the rounds with their helpdesk, and their email admins, waiting for them to tell me why the password they sent me is being rejected by the server. Here’s hoping we have an actual, working email account before Monday.

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