I agree with the Doc, but not the Dr.

Looks like Dr. Pepper is trying to use not only it’s own blog to market it’s new product, but it’s also trying to buy influence with bloggers in exchange for positive feedback and linkage. I would have to agree with the quote from Doc in the article. Now that the cat is out of the bag, and the fact that these bloggers are not going to disclose their “flackitude”, every mention of the drinks on any blog comes under automatic suspicion, does it not? Is that suspicion going to create a backlash against the drinks as opposed to the positive feedback they were hoping for? More than likely.

I also suppose it’s just a matter of time before every positive comment about any product in any blog comes under the same suspicion, eh? Maybe once that happens the marketers will get out of the game again and we can go back to having real discussions.

(link via Mitch)

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