We got ice

Yeah what an awesome way to drive to work in the morning, greeted by freezing rain and ice everywhere! It’s going to be such a good f’ing day!

In other news, those of you who are waiting for your Dell Axim X5 to arrive or who have just received yours should think about dropping by the DellAxim group on Yahoo, which just goes to show that there’s an email list for everything. 🙂

In work news, the people who decide such things have decided to change the date of our holiday potluck at work. We generally have 2 celebrations, one an outside, evening affair with spouses and then another potluck, lunch affair. It was originally scheduled for the 23rd, but because there were some people who would miss it on that day, and we “didn’t want them to be left out”, it was moved to the 20th, a day I’m not going to be here. Yeah I’m feeling the love.

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