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Preliminary information about Gnomedex is out. While I don’t plan on going this year, Angela did point out an interesting fact of life in the comments to that original post. For the last three years, I’ve gone to Gnomedex on my company’s dime. The speakers and tech information was worth paying for the trip to Des Moines for them. A trip to Tahoe is probably going to cost them more. One look at the website and the attention being paid to the 3-day open bar probably ruins any chance I ever had of getting them to pay for it again. I’m betting I’m not the only one.

Orkut has some interesting information and things in the community forums, but a lot of the features of it are really just dumb and useless. Just about everyone on there who is listed as my friend reads my blog, and just about all of their friends are linked from their blogs, or comment on their blogs. I’m not sure that the “networking” benefits of it aren’t better served simply by blogging!

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