Is someone trying to tell me something?

One of my coworkers, one of the few who know about this site, sent me a link to this USA Today Article:

Warning: Your clever little blog could get you fired

That got my attention. The article isn’t anything new, and I’ve said before that I’m very careful to not do anything stupid, like bad-mouth the organization I work for, or the people I work with (I don’t even name either), so I wasn’t too worried, but I did wonder why she felt the need to send it to me.

Turns out it was her way of expressing concern about the idea of adding a blog to our organization’s website and letting people post to it without any sort of editing. Not that I’m holding my breath waiting for a blog to show up on any of our sites any time soon. It’s actually going to be quite the technical challenge to get one, because our host still has the FTP locked-down to only allow our proxy IP to push anything up. We’re sort of locked-in to what they choose to provide server-side as far as weblog software.

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