That’s that, for now

Well I did get the 3 column design working, and I added some new stuff to the sidebars, now that I don’t have to scroll down 3-4 days to get to the bottom anymore! The left side became more of a glimpse of my personal life. I noticed the up-tick in traffic to the other site when I referred to it as my “other, more personal site” as compared to other mentions. If you want some more personal info, well, there you go! That should give those of you who care a fuller picture of who’s writing this tripe! I love having a basically free afternoon at work!

Next I want to reorganize the blogroll. I was thinking about a section of tech blogs, news blogs, personal blogs, etc. But most of the blogs I read fall into all of those categories at different times, so I am still working out how that’s going to work. Any ideas? I need to add some new ones too, right now it’s mostly just a list of people who’ve linked to me, I want it to be a “these are the people I read” list. Hmm maybe a list of people I read and a list of people who’ve linked to me that I don’t read all that often? Or something like that? More thought and planning required…

I hope you like the additions and the changes, I’ll be adding some more stuff over the next few days. I’ve got plenty of ideas but, like the blogroll, no real plans yet!

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