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After spending Moday and Tuesday nights brainstorming, putting together, and tweaking the Job Search 2003 Access database, I took last night off from the tech world. Not that I don’t still have a bunch of projects to work on, I just didn’t have the energy to deal with any of them last night. So I became a vegetable, I watched the Blue Jackets game on TV and generally relaxed all evening. It was nice, although I’m still feeling very tired this morning.

By the way, I’m liking the database. I decided to have two tables, one for companies I’m interested in, and one for jobs I’ve specifically applied for. That way I can have more than one job at a company and be able to tie them together by the company name. The company table has space for their website link, and memo field for notes about the company in general. The jobs table has space for the date and contact information, as well as a memo field for notes, which I’m using to store a copy of the posting or advertisement I responded to. Having all of this information should make it easier for me to do my due diligence on a company when (If?) I start getting interviews.

On the work front, it’s been rather uneventful. As promised, this year the budget isn’t going to allow us to do any sort of big tech projects so it’s going to be mostly a year of regular maintenance and routine projects. The yearly exodus has begun early, as we’ll have one staff member leaving this week and another next month. Everything that’s involved in killing accounts, setting up new ones, and doing training of new employees will probably start to keep me busy. Busy, but not exactly challenged, ya’ know?

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