Of course, that is terrific stuff you find on blogs..

12 things no one tells you about having a weblog. Good stuff, via Mark, who also has had bunch of CSS stuff on his blog for the past couple of days.

Jacob Shwirtz on blogging about blogging, which can get really confusing if you try and think about it too quickly. Grab some coffee and read slowly, he makes a good point, that is, that blogging is still evolving, which is why so many of us spend so much time talking about it, trying to define where it is and where it’s heading. (via Doc .)

Mike Sanders, who I vote should be named blogging’s resident philospher, naturally has a bunch of stuff about blogging today, and the process of blogging as writing. As always, Mike leaves you thinking about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. I think Mike probably has the longest blogrolling list that I’ve seen yet too!

Day one of the great re-carpeting is in full force. Naturally, the one office that has one of those huge six feet tall wrap-around desks, with the network and phone jacks in behind it, got put back in place with the network cable not quite plugged in. No way for anyone to get back there and plug it in, so I guess we’re paying movers to come in, tear it down, plug the cable back in and put it back together. Serves them right for ever furnishing an office like that to begin with!

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