Frankie is one smart fellow..

I’m not the only one who has noticed this site in the referrers, And like the others, I saw it enough that I went to the site to see if they had linked to me, only to find a nice photo blog with no link to me at all. Hmm curious, but it sometimes happens when you just go from there to my site. Except in this case, other people were getting the same thing. Hmm interesting. Here’s what I think, frankie, whomever he or she is, has started marking out some weblogs with small to medium visitors so that we’ll notice his site on our referrer logs. He’s then going straight from his own site, to ours, making it look like he’s linked to us, at least enough to make us want to go look at his site for a link. When we get there, we don’t see any links, but start to blog about his site, and how it doesn’t link to us, but it’s a cool photo-blog. Or we wonder why it keeps showing up in our referrer logs. Slowly, word starts to spread and we start blogging back and forth about it, creating a meme for frankie without him or her actually going out and trying to start one himself, because we would routinely denounce someone who did that, of course, and ridicule their message as pure marketing BS. But instead we’re creating the message for him, and he’s getting traffic through our discussions.

Basically, we’re all being played…:)

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