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As if I wasn’t looking forward to going to Chicago next month already, I saw this post last night about the event:


The Internet continues to roll out some fun tools that are great at keeping people connected and talking about a conference, whether they’re attending the conference or not. At ABA TECHSHOW 2008 we plan on making use of some of these tools, and we’re really excited about the possibilities. Here are some of the things we’re working on for the show:
— A blog feed that will aggregate all of the live-blogging at ABA TECHSHOW, as well as any other blog posts regarding the show.
— A
Twitter feed will update conference attendees about upcoming sessions, events, and other fun stuff, via text message or on the Web.
— Got a camera? Bring it to ABA TECHSHOW, ’cause we’re working on a
Flickr feed that will show all the photos taken at the conference all in one place.
— During the conference our speakers will discuss useful and interesting websites for lawyers and legal professionals. Our
delicious.com feed will allow attendees to create a page of links from some of the sites they learn about.
You won’t have to be an ABA TECHSHOW attendee to see what’s going on during the conference. But if we do this thing right, you’ll wish you were 🙂
If you’re attending the show, look for more information on how to participate in upcoming email blasts or blog posts.

Yeah, I’ll be there, and I’ll be blogging/Twittering and probably taking a few photos. I’m looking forward to see who else will be!

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