How many tech toys at once?

This morning was pretty hectic. I had a number of projects that needed to get done in short order, so I had to pull out all the stops to get them done. There was one point though, when I looked around me and thought, wow, maybe Lit Support is a geek’s paradise?

Here’s why. I have 2 PC’s under my desk at all times, just for days like this. The older, slighly less powerful one, had a Summation case open, so that I could print out a production set of documents on one of our more powerful HP network printers. It also had an external hard drive connected to it, with 10GB of images being copied off to the drive from the network for an attorney to use offsite.

The other one, had a VCR hooked up to a video capture device, which was hooked into the Firewire port of the PC, capturing a copy of a VHS tape that our firm had created back in the 90’s, that someone decided they wanted to use as part of a presentation next week.

Both of those machines hook into a hub under my desk that is then connected to our internal network.

Meanwhile, back on top of the desk. I had a laptop hooked into a separate switch, which is then connected to an external internet connection, so that it can get Windows and McAfee updates without having to be put inside our firewalls.

And I haven’t even mentioned the DVD burners, various software packages for audio/video editing, trial presentation, etc. or the stuff I use regularly that is located ouside my office, like the camcorder, the hard drive cloning machine, the ED processing machine, etc.

I get paid to play with all this stuff!

OK no, not really, I get paid to use this stuff as part of ongoing cases, and that is a serious responsibility. Still, without losing sight of the importance of doing things the right way, it is kind of fun too! 😉

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