And they’re off..

The office is closing a couple of hours early today to give everyone a head start on their Thanksgiving holiday. (I’ve still got a couple of things to finish up, so I’m blogging this now, instead of right before we leave.) Since we’re driving down to West Virginia to see Angela’s parents today, the extra couple of hours of daylight to drive in is nice, to say the least! We’ll be down there all weekend, so I don’t know what sort of updates will be going on here. I’ll have an internet connection, and free time, but I’m also planning on getting a bit of studying done for that A+ test in between spending time with the in-laws and stuffing myself full of food. I doubt I’ll be doing much work on the site, or reading of blogs, but if something strikes me, I’ll blog it, promise!

In the meantime those of you in the US have a great holiday, and those of you outside the US, well, have a great Thursday. 🙂

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