Morning reading

Some things I’ve been looking at.

PC Magazine’s Top 100 Websites. They even offer a download that sticks them in your IE favorites for you, or you can just grab the HTML file and import into other browsers. Looks like there might be some interesting finds in there.

Doc points to Suits and Geeks, which is a follow up to last week’s World of Ends. It makes some interesting points that geeks are too likely to forget. As someone who is a geek, but has an accounting background as well, I can certainly see the gap that exists when it comes to how business people see the internet, and also how geeks see the business market. Trust me, neither side has a monopoly when it comes to clueless ideas. We can rant and rave all we want about the obviously poor decisions some companies have made regarding the online world, but some of the things said about companies by geeks are just as out there. (Remember all those great dotcom ideas? Those were geeks who thought they were smarter than business people.)

Got an email from a college student last night asking for permission to use this article about spyware that I wrote a while back as part of a class project. That made me feel kinda good. I’m looking forward to seeing the project, I hope he sends it to me. And I hope that some of his classmates can learn a thing or two about spyware in the process.

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