My next project, or not

After the long day of technology yesterday, (a full work day followed by a demo of the new Friends website to the Board of Trustees, followed by hours rolling back the Movable Type upgrade gone bad) I was going to work tonight on a problem that I noticed the other day. For some reason, after working pretty flawlessly for a long time, none of the virtual machines I loaded in VMWare Player on my laptop would connect to the Internet. They could access the shared folder on the host operating system just fine, but they simply would not bridge out to the Internet.

Assuming something in the virtual network controller might have gotten corrupt, I was fully prepared to do a repair, or even try reinstall of VMWare Player to fix it. I downloaded the setup.exe in preperation for doing just that. Naturally though, I fired up my Ubuntu virtaul machine to look at something quickly before doing all the work only to discover that it connected to the Internet without any problem.

Good grief, sometimes technology can drive you crazy.

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