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Speaking of VMWare player, I also decided this weekend to see if there was a virtual machine for the new version of Ubuntu. There is, actually there are a couple of options, Ubuntu, Kbuntu and Xubuntu, all available by torrent.

But while I was waiting for the torrent to download, I decided on a better option. Why go to all the trouble of configuring a new virtual appliance when I already have a pretty well configured version of Ubuntu 5.10 loaded in an existing virtual machine? Why not simply upgrade? So today, I did exactly that. I went into the updater, found the link for the new version of Ubuntu, and waited patiently while it upgraded itself. All told it only took a little more than an hour, which was about the same amount of time it took to download one of the torrents for the new virtual appliance, and it’s already configured for my use. Not too shabby.

I did notice that this new version, even in the VMWare Player, does seem to be quicker and run smoother than 5.10 did, and it even opens files directly from my Windows shares. I never did figure out why the previous version wouldn’t do that, but I could easily copy any file I wanted to work on from the host OS to the guest OS and open it so I never bothered to spend much time working on it. Anyway, if you’re in the same boat as I was, go ahead and upgrade. It’ll save you some config time!

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  1. Yeah, I upgraded a few weeks ago from 5.10 to 6.06 and I was very impressed with the increase in system responsiveness. It was a very nice upgrade for me.


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