Why do I bother?

So towards the end of last week, I wrote out and fully explained, in great detail, how MyDoom worked and what it meant when you got “bounce” messages claiming that you sent out a virus. (Or, in fact, what it didn’t mean, since they have no point.) This is at least the third time I have explained in “email to all staff” form, that these messages do not mean anything and to just delete them.

So far this morning I’ve gotten three forwards and one phone call from people panicked because these messages keep coming in saying that they have a virus, one of whom actually had the nerve to tell me that he read my email from last week about this virus going around but didn’t understand why he was getting these returned messages. Now, since my email explained how and why those messages were coming in, shall we lay odds as to whether he actually read it or not?

Maybe I should just start refusing to answer anyone who asks a question that has already been addressed in one of my regular emails to staff. Maybe then someone might actually take the time to read one!

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