Goofy job search..

From the “things you shouldn’t really have to tell people, but, obviously, you do” department (From both sides of the job searching fence):

If you’re going to put a help wanted ad in the newspaper that asks people to go to your website to apply for this position, make sure the website has been updated, so people aren’t looking for an open position that isn’t listed.

If you’re going to be sending letters to potential employers and asking them to feel free to contact you by email, don’t then give them your current work email address. This mostly accomplishes two things. First it lets the IT folks where you work know you’re looking for a new job, as they do occasionally monitor the email server, and depending on the policies where you work, it could get you in deep trouble for inappropriate email use. Secondly, it tells this potential employer that you have no qualms what-so-ever in using your company’s time and technology for your own personal business. That’s not a good first impression…

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