How I spent my weekend

I spent a whole lot of my weekend setting up my new laptop. After some headaches involved with trying to order a system online, that turned out to not be in stock, despite the fact that the site said it was, and I was charged for it, I cancelled that order and went down to the local Microcenter to just pick up a laptop Friday night. This one fell into that nice “good enough specs and low enough price” combination, so it was the choice I made.

That meant a whole lot of installing software and moving files and configurations off the old laptop. Fun, fun. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Time consuming, yes, but I was fully expecting to have to call MS to activate my Office 2003 and OneNote 2003 installs on the new laptop, but they accepted my internet activation without any problem.

In the end, with the job change coming up next week, and the consulting I’ll still be doing at my current job short term while they adjust to not having me here, and the website proposals due in Sept. 1 for the Friends of the Library website, I’m glad that the work setting up a new laptop is done! I’m not sure if I had waited to get it that I would have had time to set it up properly!

Speaking of those time constraints, one of the things I’m definitely giving up on is the OPML Editor site that I was using to outline upcoming articles. There’s just no time to be involved with all that and still continue producing content for my own blogs as well as 2guys2cities, which I still plan to contribute to, at least for now!

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