What else can go wrong?

So the voice mail system went kaput! already this morning. There’s nothing quite like looking over at your phone and seeing the red light next to the voice mail button on solid red when you don’t have the phone off the hook. Hmm let’s see, if I hit the button it says “Voicemail is Unplugged”. That can’t be good. Take a trip to the wiring closet, verify that everything is, indeed, plugged in, and reset the whole darned system. Couple of minutes later, we’re back in business. Still, I’m worried about why it just crashed like that…

One last thing, in the midst of all of my tech projects I was remiss in not pointing to the new look that Angela put together for her blog. (I’m a bad husband, aren’t I?) I really like it, I think it’s cute, and cleaner than the old one.

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