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“Good blogs aren’t focused on the vapid race for clicks that other forms of social media encourage. Instead, they patiently inform and challenge, using your time with respect.

Here’s the thing: Google doesn’t want you to read blogs. They shut down their RSS reader and they’re dumping many blog subscriptions into the gmail promo folder, where they languish unread.

And Facebook doesn’t want you to read blogs either. They have cut back the organic sharing some blogs benefitted from so that those bloggers will pay to ‘boost’ their traffic to what it used to be.


RSS still works. It’s still free. It’s still unfiltered, uncensored and spam-free.”

Obviously, I agree with Seth. I subscribe to a couple of hundred blogs in my Feedly account, and check them almost daily. I learn a lot that way without having to worry about whether Facebook will decide to show something to me or not. I control what I see.

So go follow his directions on setting up Feedly and subscribing to his blog, and while you’re there, go ahead and subscribe to this one as well!
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