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I got an email over the weekend from Jacob Rheuban, one of the founders of a new news aggregation site called Newgie. The site promises to be a smarter news portal and RSS feed directory. From their press release:

Newgie co-founders Jason Windebank (29) and Jacob Rheuban (29) began work on the new product six months ago after recognizing a large gap in the emerging world of Web 2.0 newsreaders. “On one side you have tech oriented websites like Digg and Slashdot that rely exclusively on user-recommendations and are tightly focused around technology topics, and on the other side you have the slew of robotic news aggregators that harvest anything they are instructed to grab, but ignore user input entirely,” said Windebank, “and in the middle of these two extremes you have a hole the size of the Grand Canyon”.

As interesting as it sounds, I don’t think I’m going to have time to really dig into it and do it justice. Anyone else want to? I’ll gladly host your comments on it, either in the comments here, or if you send them to me, I’ll post them to the blog. Or you can always post them on your own blog and I’ll do some linking.

I’m going to be a bit busy, traveling to Vegas at the end of this week, and working on a number of other personal projects, so I’m delegating this one to my readers. How ’bout it?

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