Facebook Pages Forgotten Feature

I know I’ve complained about this before, and I’m sure many others who have create Facebook Pages have as well. Thanks to some good pointers on Twitter the other day, I now know that HyperAlerts can do what Facebook cannot, send you notifications when someone posts to the wall, or comments on a story on your page!

As you can imagine, the Facebook page for my child abuse survivor site has long been a place where I’ve felt this pain. I want people to be able to comment and post thoughts on the Facebook page, but I worry that someone is going to post something inappropriate, or be disrespectful toward another “fan” so I keep a really close eye on the page, checking it as often as I can. Now I don’t have to. I’ll be notified by email every time something is posted, and know immediately if it’s something I need to remove. I set it up for that page, and the fan page for this site last night, and got my first notification today. Works like a charm.

And, the service is free, which is even better!

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