Seeing the Details in the Firehose

Using ReadTwit the last couple of weeks has been interesting. It’s enabled me to see more of what people I follow on Twitter are linking to, and that’s not always a good thing. It seems that by occasionally looking at Twitter, I might be missing the fact that some of the people I follow actually spend a lot of time sharing stuff I don’t care about at all. 😉

So it was with that in mind, that I found myself nodding my head in agreement with this.

You’re Pissing Off Your Twitter Followers — Stop!

I’ve already mentioned my complete disregard for all things FourSquare, and how using ReadTwit helped me realize just how often some people “check-in” for no apparent purpose other than to become mayor of their dentist office, or something equally strange. It’s also helping me realize that some people I follow have a tendency to promote the same stuff every single day, or just link to hollywood gossip stories that mean nothing to me. In essence, it has helped me see some the things that are normally hidden by the shear volume of tweets. 

Of course, if you read the article, you also know they have  huge problem with people feeding their blog posts to Twitter. I actually don’t mind that, and I do it so I hope most people don’t mind it. If you only have one link to your blog posts, and aren’t posting 4-5 times a day, it’s easy enough to skip on by without too much difficulty. On the other hand, if you repost the link for days on end, well that’s just annoying.

So what are your biggest Twitter pet peeves? Do you think if you saw more of the details of what was in the firehose that you would be pretty quick to unfollow. I’m finding the unfollow button a lot more often myself.


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