Can We Use Technology Intentionally? Tech Companies Are Betting No

If we think about how the internet companies are all battling for our attention, and using all kinds of manipulation to do so, can we be involved with social media on our own terms?


I will say this, Tristan is also correct that as long as advertising is the financial base for internet companies, this will only get worse. If we want to do away with this manipulation, we’re going to have to look for a solution that is not advertiser based. Remember, if an internet content provider is using ads and giving you content for free, you are the product.

We also need to think about how much interruption we are willing to live with. I know I’ve made some changes in how I’m notified about some things, and have tried to be more mindful of going to a site, seeing what I want, and leaving without being distracted, but they sure don’t make it easy, do they?


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