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Study Shows Most of Us Think We’re Right, and Others Will See That

Well, that’s what we tell ourselves anyway, and if you pay attention to social media at all, you’ll surely not be shocked by this:

New research shows that most people tend to believe that others will come around to their point of view over time.

This belief in a “favorable future” sheds light on some of the causes and consequences of the political polarization evident today, according to researchers.

“It often seems that partisans believe they are so correct that others will eventually come to see the obviousness of their correctness,” said behavioral scientist Dr. Todd Rogers of the Harvard Kennedy School, lead author on the research.

It plays out all over the place actually. Yes, in politics, but also in relationships, careers, and the choices we make. Think about this, when is the last time you saw something you considered wrong about your coworkers, but you convinced yourself that eventually they will see the “obviousness” of your opinion and continued to go on as if no actual disagreement existed? Instead of trying to understand their point of view, or fighting for your own, you simply told yourself that you are right, and once everything else failed, people would see that.

Is that anyway to be successful? Is that any way to relate to anyone? Is that how you act as a member of a team?

Does it even enter your mind at any point that maybe you aren’t correct, or that other people have a completely different view of the world than you do?

If you’re waiting for everyone to see how right you are, I have a hard time believing that it does enter your mind, and you’re probably not someone I want on my team.


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