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Linked – If You Were Arrested for Being a Leader, Would There Be Enough Evidence to Convict You?

Kevin lays it out pretty simply. There are quite a few people in leadership roles who aren’t leading anyone. Consider his “proof” of leadership:

“Winning the case (that you are a leader!), would require you to show better proof. Proof that revolves around two factors:

  • What are your behaviors? Are these behaviors consistent with (effective) leadership?
  • Are people following? Ultimately, this is the proof that will matter most.”

Over the years, I have heard so many stories of people in management positions who aren’t leaders. The people who report to them aren’t following them. In most cases, they are simply doing their jobs with little input from their managers. Others are actively working around their managers to get the job done. That’s not leadership. That’s having a title. There is a world of difference.

Is your organization handing out titles or raising up leaders? There is a focus on the lack of leadership amongst people who have the titles recently. That is a good thing. Recent challenges that we’ve all faced are separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to leaders. Workers want to follow a leader who will help them be a part of something that they can be proud of and something that helps them get where they want to go in their own careers. Helping them do that is leadership. Handing out instructions without that is just being a boss.

No one wants a boss when they deserve a leader.


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