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Photos from Orlando!

Yes, I know, we’ve been back for awhile and the only photos I had posted were mobile uploads to my Facebook profile from my phone. I’ve been a little busy since we got home.

But, fear not, I did have the big camera with me for a couple of days, especially at Animal Kingdom, and have just uploaded some more to the Flickr page.

I will say that carrying a Nikon D50 around Disney is not for everyone, and in fact, I chose not to on two of the three days. One was a very rainy day, and the other we decided to make the day we were going to hit all the rides at Magic Kingdom. No sense in worrying about it there, the iPhone was fine for capturing some neat shots. The one day I did carry it was for a combination of things.


We spent the majority of the day at Animal Kingdom, which I loved! That was definitely a photographers dream. Then, when Animal Kingdom closed for the day, we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom for the evening events.

Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle 2

Not a bad day of photography!

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  1. Holy smokes! These are great, Mike. The D50 is a beast to carry at the parks all day. Even our little D40s seem heavy with some heavy glass on there.

    1. Thanks Kevin. I have found that the wraparound bag I got makes carrying it a bit easier, puts the weight on the back instead of around the neck, and it’s super easy to get out of the bag quickly. I wouldn’t have made it all day with that thing hanging around my neck!

      Of course, even then, it still gets heavy!

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