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Image by Witer
Image by Witer

iOS 10 is here, and it’s packing a number of very cool new features. To activate some of those features — like sending read receipts in Messages or having Siri announce calls — you’ll need to tweak a few settings. A few other new options will change how your device behaves with iOS 10.

These are good to know. The other big change that I was just discussing with my wife this weekend is the way iOS 10 handles notifications on the lock screen. It occurs to me that if you’re frequently in situations where your phone is laying somewhere where others could access it, they could gain a lot of information from what appears on the lock screen without needing to unlock the phone, either from notifications on what widgets appear when you swipe on the home screen. This was always somewhat true with iPhone and iPad devices, but it has been taken to a new level with notifications in iOS10.

It also seems like there are a lot of options to choose what does and does not show up on the lock screen, so it might be worthwhile to spend some time thinking about that, and checking the notification settings of various apps.

Oh, and I might do the same with that option to have Siri announce calls. It seems like a fairly useful thing, but if I’m awaiting medical test results or interviewing with another company, I might be wary of having Siri announce my incoming calls in front of other people. 😉

Better to be educated before your phone shares some information that you didn’t want it to.


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