Could Facebook Be Adding Features to Help Pages

I have written recently about the drastic drop in reach of Facebook pages as they are continually tweaking the algorithm that determines what shows up in users timeline. It seems like they may be making some changes, creating a Page Feed and allowing users to get notifications from pages.

As much as I appreciate Facebook trying to both provide value for Pages, and protect users newsfeed from being overrun by commercial posts, I don’t know how much this helps. Users would have to go even more out of their way to see content from pages they are choosing to follow. I suspect most Facebook users don’t even create lists and only see what shows up in their timeline. Heck, I wonder if most are even aware that their Newsfeed is being filtered for them. I think there may well be a few fans of my page that don’t even know they are missing posts everyday. Making these people take extra steps to fix a problem they aren’t even aware of isn’t going to help. I can hope that people will see the page feed and see more of my posts, but I’m not holding my breathe. I still don’t think FB should be filtering my newsfeed for me. I’ve me tools to do it myself, and get out of the way.

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