Linked: Twitter announces new features to help you make money and fight trolls

The Super Follow option to charge for access to some of your tweets got all the headlines, and holds exactly zero interest for me, but this little gem might be interesting.

“Twitter is working on a new Communities feature for the platform, which will let users create groups with people who share similar interests. The feature will essentially work like Facebook Groups, and it will let you share tweets exclusively with your community members.”

It would, obviously, take away a lot of what is now public on Twitter, and that makes me wonder what kind of value change there would be outside of the communities. We’ve seen that kind of change before. (i.e. Pages have become pretty much useless as Facebook has focused on Groups)

Still, I think there are some definite use-case scenarios around scheduled chats, and special interest groups.

The other feature mentioned below, Safety Mode, could be interesting as well. Personally, if someone I follow is breaking Twitter rules, or using hateful language, I’d rather see it so I can unfollow them, but I can see where someone who is feeling overwhelmed with the downsides of Twitter might be helped by just turning it on.

Would these new features change your approach to Twitter? Are you interested in any of them?

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