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Yeah I finally gave in and created a Cafepress store, so now you can actually buy the logo on a tshirt or coffee mug, or a few other things. There’s the logo above, and there’s another GIF that has some various statements I actually hear in the course of doing my job. (The shirts come with both, one on back, one on front!)

Now the best part of this is that one, you’ll be supporting the maintenance of this site with your purchase, two, you’ll have something that fellow IT workers will get a kick out of, and three, since I listed Geek as the person who referred me to Cafepress, you’ll be contributing 50 cents to his Geek to Gnomedex campaign every time you buy something from my store.

Currently they have a special going on where you can buy as much as you like from the various stores and pay $5 total in shipping. This is good only through the weekend. That’s why I kind of rushed the store out tonight, so you can get in on that deal. So you could help support me, Geek or any other blogger who has a Cafepress store and pay only $5 for shipping all of it! That’s not too shabby!

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