OpenOffice 1.1 released. I tried out 1.0 way back when and found it to pretty useful in some situations. Unfortunately I couldn’t really replace Office with it because so much of what I do is in Access and Open Office doesn’t have a database component, relying instead on a somewhat difficult to configure interface with MySQL. (at least it was difficult for me as compared to using Access.) I do like the fact that 1.1 is coming with DocBook XML import/export. That’s kinda cool. (link via Josh)

There’s a whole new redesign of Blogrolling. Seems like Jason may be giving us some new toys soon as well. Mmm, new toys…(link via Jim)

Meanwhile, over at Just Another Geek’s Blog he’s playing with the new keyboard for his Axim. I haven’t gotten a keyboard for mine yet, mostly because I rarely use it for typing up emails or doing major writing, but it does look pretty cool. At this point in my usage, I do most of my typing on the laptop that syncs with the Axim and the Axim becomes more for having information (maps, notes, appointments, checking account balance, etc.) with me as I go along as opposed to inputting information. Of course that’s just me, and the way I use it, your mileage probably will vary.

It’s the first, so I’m currently awaiting the accounting department’s OK to run their month-end stuff. (They need to run some reports before I run the month end modifications to the database, stuff like dropping unpaid accounts, etc.) So that’ll keep me busy today. 🙂

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