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Linked – The Best Money You Will Spend on Your Firm’s Tech This Year

Erik makes a really good point here about law firms and the fact that a lot of the new tech they purchase just sort of sits there. It’s because no one is really learning how to use it, and what to use it for.

“Most of the time, law firms only buy the training that comes bundled with the software they buy – the training provided by the vendor or the consultant who is doing the implementation. This training tends to be about 5-10% of the total spend of the software. Because the vendors and consultants know, that’s all a law firm is going to buy. They also know it’s not enough, not nearly enough.

I’d suggest budgeting for training that is about 33% of the cost of the new software installed, for at least the first year or two. Find the best trainers you can find and bring them in for your whole group. It will be expensive, but it will be valuable if your colleagues walk away understanding how to better leverage the technology that your firm has already purchased.

It will be the best money you spend on tech in your firm this year. Because as irritating as it is, the best technology for your firm is the one you have with you and the one you actually know how to use.”

So many organizations are looking for the next piece of tech that will improve their workflows and make their team more efficient when they could easily get the same boost, or more, by training their people to use the tech they already own.

Then, once your folks are used to learning and taking advantage of the technology you can move on to finding the tech, along with training, that will push them even further. But if you just keep buying more tech expecting it to perform magic, you’re going to be disappointed.

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